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Who We Are:

Building Against Destruction Ministry (B.A.D.) is a faith-based initiative on a mission to live out the words of the prophet Isaiah (58:10) to let our light rise in the darkness by spending ourselves on behalf of the hungry and oppressed. We are working to impact global poverty by taking meaningful actions at the ground level in communities experiencing extreme need. Our nonprofit care and action team aims to help empower underserved and vulnerable people around the world to live with freedom from poverty, disease, and hunger. We also sell clothing to raise funds for, a ministry to spread the Word of God one piece of clothing at a time. Our ultimate mission is to shine the light of God into the world’s darkest and most neglected corners, reminding everyone that God’s love has the power to help anyone find healing and build lives of hope, joy, and purpose.

The Vision

  • To empower and inspire thousands of vulnerable people to overcome their challenges and be transformed by the healing light of Christ.

  • To build one of the world’s leading resources for restoration, empowerment, and healing as we bring aid to people in need everywhere.

  • To transform thousands of lives through compassionate support and empowerment inspired by Christ’s call for his followers to serve the “least of these.”

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